Sept 10: The Lewes Wooden Boat Crew

WRDE Arts & Entertainment Report, is on location at the Lewes Historical Society for a fascinating look at the history of boat building in Lewes and the fine art of building a wooden boat by hand.

During a recent excursion to the Lewes Farmer’s Market one Saturday afternoon, The WRDE A&E team was pleasantly surprised to come across the Lewes Historical Society’s Wooden Boat Building Crew, a hardworking group of volunteers crafting a beautiful wooden boat by hand in one of the historic buildings on the grounds.

This inspiring group of dedicated volunteers has created a new, fully functional and beautiful wooden boat for each of the last five years as an auction fund-raiser item for the Lewes Historical Society along with a long list of other community outreach and educational programs focused on keeping the art, and the history, of wooden boat making by hand alive in the region.

The Wednesday, September 10th episode of the WRDE Arts & Entertainment Report features insight from the group with a special focus on the collaborative art of boat making and the robust history it plays in the evolution of Lewes from a time when owning a boat was commonplace to its present state in the 21st Century.