The Galleries at 20 Baltimore Ave


A studio/ gallery where we transform vintage reclaimed furniture, restore it and then create " art furniture" painting bold colors, patterns, and landscapes onto the surface creating a treasured heirloom.

Jack Wiberg Art 

As an artist I have an opportunity to share with others what God has given me to enjoy. I want the viewer to experience various levels of light and dark and to understand that it is the darks of life that make the light of life so bright. I hope that they will recognize that in all light or darkness there is One who is in control,. just as the artist controls the placement of lights and darks in a painting.

Amandeline Gallery 

Amandeline Gallery began in Rehoboth Beach in December of 2006. Owner, Jeanne Ponko has been an art consultant for over twenty-five years.  She has worked on numerous commercial and residential projects across the country integrating artwork with interior design themes.



Winter: Thurs - Sat 12-6

In- season Thurs- Sat 11-5