2015 Recap

Firefly Music Festival’s fourth annual gathering took place in Dover, DE this year (like every other year), with a sold out crowd of 90,000 attendees and four days of headliners including Paul McCartney, The Killers, Snoop Dogg, Foster the People, AWOLNATION,Modest Mouse, Zedd and more.

We'll take you through our 2015 experience. 

From hanging in the VIP, kicking it in the artist compound, to camping with general admission during an insane storm (that shut the entire festival down) we really experienced it all! Major Highlights :

  1. Paul McCartney’s Birthday: Paul opened up his two and a half hour long set Friday with “Birthday,” making note of his 73rd birthday the day before. McCartney’s liveliness held strong past midnight as he played several Beatles tunes – and shared with the crowd little stories that related to each song. [Like how Jimi Hendrix needed Eric Clapton’s help tuning the guitar McCartney was playing, during a show & Eric tried to hide in the crowd.] McCartney also surprised a fan by granting her poster’s request to sign a tattoo she had of his face shortly before finishing out the set with a grand finale of fireworks.
  2.  Meeting AWOLNATION : we got an exclusive interview with Aaron – & got the inside scoop on his pre and post show routines. (more on that later!)
  3. Free Beer: Yes! you read that right – and wine & mixed drinks.
  4. Playing pool with Twin Peaks: A young Chicago punk band who was playing their first firefly show ever. We met up with them in the Artist Compound & hung out for a while before getting front row at their 9pm  set! They “technically” won – but who was actually keeping score? 
  5. Run The Jewels Show: Killer Mike & EI-P killed their set!

Firefly is known to do it bigger and better year after year, so we cannot wait to get this upcoming weekend started. Check back everyday for new updates and info about this fun filled weekend!