Firefly Tips & Tricks

Firefly is here and it's time to prepare for the muddy long weekend ahead. Through the sun, the rain, any other elements - the show must go on, and you're going to want to be prepared to have a smooth weekend. 

You're going to need to plan for long hours in the sun, dreaded long lines at the port-a-potties, and getting enough food & water. Lucky for you guys this isn't our first rodeo and we've got some helpful tips to make your experience easier. 

Download the Firefly app: 

  • Has a map broken down by area: Woodland, Lawn, Backyard, Main, & Camping
  • Scheduler to help you plan out your day and make sure none of your concerts overlap
  • Pre-festival guide
  • Firefly radio - You can listen to songs from all of the bands playing over the weekend
  • Access dining options. Great for people with diet restrictions (GF, Veg, or V) to see whats available for you. 
  • News and Social - updates you with important festival information.

Reusable Water bottle: This is a must! Firefly has water stations to fill up at, and keep you hydrated. PRO TIP: Fill up at smaller stage areas - they have smaller lines. PRO TIP 2: Add lemon to your water to eliminate the plasticy-water taste. 

Bring Cash: ATM fees within the festival are pretty expensive. 

Sunscreen: This might sound obvious - but take it from a veteran, this is so important. A terrible sunburn could ultimately ruin your weekend. Carry a bottle with you and later up a minimum of twice a day. You will thank us later. Promise. PRO TIP: Being in the sun for so long, sunburn is sometimes inevitable. Bringing Aloe with you is never a bad idea. 

Phone Charging: Firefly has phone charging stations, so we definitely recommend you bring your own phone charging wire. We recommend you bring pre charged portable chargers as well. Service is pretty spotty and your phone will lose charge from roaming. 

Backpack: An easy way to keep your stuff together and have them at hand while you are inside the festival all day. 

Clothing: Weather foes form hot to cool throughout the day, so dressing appropriately is key. Wear a hat to protect your face, bring a bandana to block dirt and soak up sweat, and have a light layer for night time.