Twin Peaks: Interview

Last year at Firefly we had the opportunity to hangout in the artist compound and interview Chicago based rock & roll band Twin Peaks. Made up of Cadien, Connor, Clay, Colin, and Jack, they describe themselves on Facebook as five doods, gnarly ‘tudes, total hunks, play to drunks. We had a couple beers, played some pool, and heard all about their crazy tour stories. 

TFM: How does it feel to be at Firefly?

TP: We just got here and have been hanging out. Haven’t really checked out much. But what we have noticed is that it’s really muddy. 

TFM: Oh yeah. You guys have been pretty busy. You released an album in August and recently released a single. 

TP: Ya. Our single just released on Record Store Day and we’re starting to work on a new album throughout the summer and recording. 

TFM: Awesome. So you’re at the end of this tour, until your new album comes out? 

TP: Yep. We have two more shows then we are taking about a week off, ten it’s really just festivals throughout the summer and in-between the festivals we’ll be recording in Massachusetts at a friends place. 

TFM: Rad. When do you expect the album to drop?

TP: I, uh, don’t want us to be held to anything, but I wanna say the spring. It’ll be done before the years over and then it takes about 3 months to get the vinyl ready, so probably the spring. 

TFM: So you’ve done a lot of festivals in the last month, which one(s) were your favorite?

TP: We did Sasquatch on our way out here, which was really good. We also did Burgerama recently which was a good time. That’s LA based event held by Burger Records. They do Burgerama every year and it’s all the Burger bands. It’s always really fun because we’re with a bunch of people who play the same kind of music we do pretty much, and everyone was pretty rad. 

TFM: What’s the craziest sh** thats happened on the road so far? 

TP: On this tour?

TFM: Yeah, this tour. Or any tour?

TP: Sasquatch was insane! It was crazy. It was a wild festival & we camped for 4 days, got the sh** beat out of us by the sun. It was awesome. 

TP: (JD) For me, I had a couple days. Where I had a sore throat, so I bought a bunch of edibles in LA, & I had 3 days in a row where I kept going overboard, thinking I could handle them & I ended up tripping & going to bed really early in an anxious state. SO that was an interesting couple days for me. 

Final Thoughts: Shoutout to the landlords of Chicago, those are our homies. LANDLORDS! Yeah, those are our boys. That's what you're looking for right? Shoutout to the homies! 

Twin Peaks new album Down in Heaven is now available for purchase. Visit them online, on Facebook, or Instagram