Firefly: Day 1

Firefly Day 1 has come and gone, but the festival is still going strong! After some heavy rain showers, the weather cleared up and 90,000 people headed to the Woodlands. Bands such as LANY, Skizzy Mars, Oh Wonder, & Robert DeLong had the honor to kick everything off, and they all came in with a bang! Each show gathered hundreds of thousands of festival goers ready to dance the night away. 


  1. VIP LOFT: A specially wooden structure that can hold up to 1,400 people. It was made to alleviate the crowd and give them a great viewing experience. 
  2. DRAINAGE: This is huge! IF you attended Firefly last year, then you can relate when we say, we were literally calf deep in muck. Drainage systems have been added to most of the grounds. The pathways that cut through are no longer like quick sand. They are now made of gravel and rocks. It was so awesome & made for an easy/ no hassle navigation. 
  3. THE TREEHOUSE IS NO LONGER EXCLUSIVE: Last year, the tree house stage only allowed for a limited viewing, plus was invite only. Not this time around! The treehouse stage is an official main stage, hosting big talent such as Travis Barker, GROUPLOVE, & Moon Taxi. We had the opportunity to be invited last year & had an awesome time, so we are stoked to check it out again this year! 

FUN FACT: Ludacris had to push back his show. He'll be kicking off Day 4 (Sunday) at 12:30PM on the lawn stage due to scheduling conflicts with his Fast Furious filming. 


After a two year hiatus, the indie rock band is back and will some rad new material. They opened up with some of their classics then got right into their new stuff. They kept the crowd hyped throughout their entire hour and fifteen set. Something cool we noticed is that they had  a woman off to the side dancing and signing along to their music. She kept up their same great energy throughout the entire set!