Blink 182 Headlining at Firefly

Blink 182's set was a wild, sweaty, throwback ride for all the 90's babies in the crowd. Mark Hoppus hasn't changed a bit, opening up with "I'm pretty sure I have a bladder infection already" & calling Skiba out for being a smart-book-reader type after he called out the Colorado, California, & Chicago flags in the crowd. 

Blink 182 showed their support for Orlando by asking the crowd to pass one of the many rainbow waving flags to the stage. Hoppus took the flag & draped it over his amp. He held it down with 2 gatorade  bottles so it didn't move the entire show. 

They kicked off the show with some classics - Feeling this, What's my age again, & Family Reunion, proving they are still the same Blink, even with the new addition of Matt Skiba.