Firefly Music Festival: Day #1 Highlights

The sixth annual Firefly Music Festival opened its gates in Dover on Thursday to ideal weather — mid-70s and practically cloudless. Day one served as an introduction to the headliner-heavy days to follow --  with rising artists like Maggie Rogers and Kaleo delivering strong sets, and veteran act O.A.R.running through a setlist of hits.

Read more about Day one highlights below.


Maggie Rodgers Making Her Festival Debut

via Firefly Music Festival

“This is the first festival I’ve ever played. I’m from Maryland, so I’ve actually been to Firefly before, and now I’m playing at it.”

Rodgers played songs from her debut EP “Now That The Light Is Fading” Dog Days and On & Off. She took a brief intermission from her own music and invited her friend/classmate from NYU Fletcher on stage to sing a cover of Wannabe by The Spice Girls.

“Guess what?” she asked “Alaska came out one year ago today. You can’t make that sh** up.”  So, of course, she ended with a bang with the fan favorite (career launching) Alaska.


Interview with *Repeat Repeat

We got to sit down with Nashville based surf rock band *repeat repeat.

[Full Interview coming soon]

During the interview, we discussed the origin of their unique band name, their Firefly experience, as well as their music process & why they never want it to be the same.


Fan Curated Features

This year Red Frog Productions decided to give their fans the responsibility of designing the festival. From talent to experiences, the fans were in control via online polls.

New Fan Features: The Fort & The Rambler

The FORT is a bar/ patio built from shipping containers. This new features gives fans an elevated view of the Woodlands & surrounding dining areas with picnic tables + ping pong.

The RAMBLER is a humvee loaded with amplifier equipment to act like a mobile stage. This allows bands to create “pop-up” shows throughout the Woodlands.


O.A.R. Runs Through Hits

via Firefly Music Festival

After two decades, it’s safe to say O.A.R. knows how to please their crowds. Frontman Marc Roberge exuded confidence on stage as the veteran band ran through their classic hits Heaven and Peace. The crowd went wild as they began to infuse a horn heavy rendition of No Woman, No Cry by Bob Marley with their That Was A Crazy Game Poker.


Food Truck Art

There are some really amazing food trucks being featured this year. With so many food options, these food vendors need to stand out any way they can. There are some whose truck art work can’t be ignored and it really draws you in. A few of our favorites this year are: The Fry Guy, Butt Hutt, Cool Haus, and Roti Rolls.


Time to kick off day 2 at The Woodlands. To stay up to date on all this Firefly, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!