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Repeat Repeat is your band’s favorite band. Mixing the sunny swoon of sixties pop with a dark side swirl of Warholian garage rock. Made up of Jared Corder, Andy Herrin, and Kristyn Corder - these 3 musicians make pop songs rooted in the spirit of both coasts, looking beyond borders of their landlocked hometown and instead, mixing California surf culture with New York street smarts into the same track list. They’re the perfect blend of bloom, doom, and boom!

We sat down with *repeat repeat for an exclusive interview. 

Is there any significance to the group’s name? What does “*repeat repeat” mean to you? 

Jared: I was actually in the shower and was reading the back of my shampoo bottle and it said, lather. rinse. *repeat, repeat. And I was like, oh my god, that is the name! .. With the astrics and the comma. We realizes that that was a lot of punctuation, so we dropped the comma, and now we are: *repeat repeat. I wish it was some awesome story about a spiritual moment I had in the desert, but nope.

You guys have a noticeable surf style to your music? What do you think makes the band specifically “surf”?

Andy: Yeah. When we first starting the band, the initial conversations we had with our producer Gregory Lad… we wanted to add surf, but I was playing lighter drums, but I really like to hit hard. So one day we were recording a demo with big drums trying the surf thing and it kind of made its own sound. That was the point we decided to go with it. It was really Jared doing the surfy thing.

Jared: We kind of come from different backgrounds. Andy’s got kind of a 90’s background. Kristyn grew up in Texas, and her dad taught her Mama’s and Papa’s songs. 

Kristyn: I have a Southern California dad, so I grew up listening to all that harmony heavy 60’s pop, which I still listen to. 

Jared: I’m from Phoenix, I get up 4 hours from the coast. We’d go to San Diego and Los Angeles all the time, so I grew up listening to a lot of west coast punk.

Kristyn: I think the punk influence and Andy’s heavy hitting drummer came together and formed the fast and furious part of our sound and I was there to encompass washy 60’s harmony. Then it became this thing that we referred to as surf tinge. We don’t set out to be surf rock, our music is just influenced by. It’s the part of our music we like the most, and so we always keep that element in with whatever we are working with at the time. 

Jared: It helps define where are sound always is.

There’s a consciousness of branding that comes with the “surf” description; do you feel that helps to separate your band from others in Nashville music scene? Was it difficult? 

Jared: The most difficult was internal. It was knowing that your making something that you're excited and proud of even if other people don’t get it. When you feel like you're making something different, it is difficult to pinpoint the right shows to play, what bands to play with, the right radio stations to play your singles, and things like that. So that was tricky at times, but we definitely rose to the occasion. 

Kristyn: We never  set out to try to be in Nashville and make a sound that was not Nashville by any means. Thats never occurred to us at any point. Those are our influences, and when left up to our own devices to make music, this is what we came up with. And if it so sticks out from a  this place that we live on the map, then it does. To answer you question, it’s two-fold - It’s helped us because it’s different although we didn’t set out for that, but it has also been a challenge because it is so different so we sort of have to work a little harder.

Andy: I totally agree with that.

Your new album Floral Canyon is coming out soon..

Jared: Yeah, it will be out at the end of this summer. We will be announcing the actual release date mid July along with a new single.

Can you talk about the new single yet?

Jared: Of course. It’s called Girlfriend. It has a more Weezer-y feel, old Weezer feel. I think its a great introduction for people, now that we’re with a label, this is a great introduction to us as a band. We put out some light and sweet songs, and we also put out some heavy hitters - this one is definitely right in the middle. It’s our response to Best Coast’s song Boyfriend.

Kristyn: We were listening to that song on day, and I saw him [Jared] kind of thinking about the storyline of it and Girlfriend came out of that, and sort of became the other side of the story. 

Your first album was recorded in a basement in East Nashville in just four days.

Andy: Yeah. Our friend actually just broke up with his girlfriend and was living a very single life, so he let us record in his basement. It definitely wasn’t a studio, it was a flat out basement. During recording, we were playing drums and some woman came by from next door yelling “STOP!”  because she was annoyed but the music, so we had to wait like an hour to re-record drums. 

Jared: I remember we had to call friends to borrow mic stands and cables..

Kristyn: It was definitely baptism by fire, I believe. It was an experience that I think since we’ve only tried improve upon since that point, it set a good ground. It was grounding and humbling. 

Andy: I feel like the first album Bad Latitude captures that moment in time. 

4 days in a basement - the album definitely came together organically, is that something you want to continue doing for your future albums?

Jared: We’ve tried different things for each record. With the first record, we did 4 days in a basement - super gorilla style, quick on the fly. Second record, Floral Canyon that is coming out this summer, we worked really hard and just saved up to rent a studio for 2 weeks, we hired an engineer, we flew our producer our from New York, and a professional mastering technician. We went balls to the wall. We already starting our next record, it’s a different experience for us because we are used you have 4 days, or you have 2 weeks, and now we are like “oh you have 2 weeks to track the guitar on one song”. We’re taking our time, and we like that. Every record we want to challenge ourselves, and do something different each time. 

What’s the craziest moment you each have experienced on tour?

Jared: The first ever festival we played was in Knoxville, Tennessee . We played Friday night and Saturday morning. We played Friday night to a packed house, encore, one of the best shows we ever played. We were super stoked, riding high, ego was boosted. Then, we were the first show to play on Saturday. 

Kristyn: We played at 1 PM in an empty church. They made it a venue, but it wasn’t supposed to be a venue. It was super bright in side, we couldn’t really see, people were hungover from the night before. They built like this set, so occasionally I felt like I should acting something out. I don't know.

Jared: The sound guy didn’t show up, so they had some volunteer setting up the sound. Anything we pressed that was supposed to be loud was way to quiet, and what was supposed to be quiet was WAYYY too loud. 

Kristyn: People were holding their ears. We knew it sounded terrible. So then I started to feel like, should i press that key again? I don’t want to hurt anyones ears. 

Jared: When people are holding their ears at your show, thats always a bad sign. So basically, Friday night we had the best show of our life and Saturday morning was the worst. 

How has your Firefly experience been?

Jared: So far it’s been awesome. Its unlike other shows because you play for an hour but you've been here for 24 hours hanging out. The show was great, the fans have been incredible. There have been people online telling us how excited they are to see us. We’ve had fans show up with our lyrics on their t-shirts, like they made custom shirts.

Andy: They made shirts with our logo on it.  It was pretty dope.

Kristyn: The whole experience has been 100% from the moment we got here. It was so well run, and I think even has music fans, we always look at this lineup from a far saying “ugh this is the best line up ever!” We always look at Firefly lovingly from a far, it’s an absolute honor to be here playing. 

Jared: Every festival since we’ve been a band, we’ve been like “Man that would be awesome to play at”, this is the only festival we would just be happy to attend. It’s excited to be here for both sides of it this year. We are having a blast!


Stay tuned for the release of their new album Floral Canyon. 

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