Ovations Dinner Theatre East At Irish Eyes In Lewes, DE

In this episode of the A&E Report, host Michael Sprouse visits the Irish Eyes Restaurant in downtown Lewes to check out the sold-out Ovation Dinner Theatre East’s production of “Iceberg Ho!”. This hilarious and highly entertaining audience-interactive show is just one of more than fifty productions Ovation Dinner Theatre East performs year-round all throughout Delmarva!

Unlike many traditional murder-mystery events, audience members can volunteer to be part of the performance. They’re given scripts to read and props to help them get into character. The results are usual hysterical, and the attendees always have a tremendous amount of fun!

Director Nancy Mikkelsen said that they “had a very engaged audience who were willing to ‘play’ with the cast, have fun and laugh along with us. An audience member commented to me after the show that her group works in a high stress environment.  She thanked me for getting everyone to just let loose and have some fun and just laugh.”

When asked about her motivation and that of the cast of each of the many different productions, Nancy stated that “I always tell folks that we do what we do because we love it but the why is because in our fast-paced world, we all need to take a minute to have fun and just laugh.  We bring the laughter!”

And while laughter and fun are always the goal, the cast members are also working professionals who are keenly focused on the “audience-interactive” element at play. Unlike traditional theatre – where actors interact only with each other on stage during a performance via memorized lines, places and cues – these performers must be ready to react to anything that an audience member may give them.

It’s very similar to stand-up comedy improv but even more engaging. As Mikkelsen said, “That’s what makes it fun. Every show is never the same.”

For more about Ovation Dinner Theatre East and for a schedule of upcoming audience-interactive shows near you, visit www.ovationdinnertheatre.com